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Aqua Doodle

Aqua doodle is a drawing toy especially designed for preschool aged kids. A hydrochromatic ink causes color changes as your kid draw his masterpiece with a water filled pen. The drawings will stay on for several minutes and dramatically fade into mystical fun.

The Aqua Doodle set comes in a fun activity set composed of two pieces. It includes a large doodle mat which serves as the canvass of the masterpieces of your little one. It is also equipped with a magic water pen which he uses to doodle to his heart’s content.

The mat is designed with attractive borders. It also features the letters of the alphabet around its edges so children will remember their basic learning. Wide expanse of the mat will encourage the imagination and creativity of children to draw fun images, create stories, and practice their writing skills.

Once filled up with water, the magic pen leaves traces of blue which will disappear. Not to worry though because your kids will have plenty of time to admire their handiwork as the ink fades very gradually. This fun design will spark up the imagination of kids. Children love the idea of magic that is why they will get hooked with Aqua Doodle.

Because the alphabet is printed around the borders, children will also have an easier time to practice their writing. This would also make retention more effective. The excitement that this magical drawing mat sets off will move kids to spend hours doodling and writing. Eventually, repetition will make them more skillful to master the arts of letters and drawing.

Drawing images effectively hones eye-hand coordination. As they work to draw out the curves and lines of the images in their mind, their hands and eyes harmonize to produce their desired picture.