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Art Desk As Versatile

When first introducing your child to a world of artistic flair, you will need to make sure your child is older and not willing to put everything in their mouth. You can start them by drawing basic shapes, squares, circles and triangles. Your young child’s attention span will be short and he may not be willing to stay, initially, for any length of time at his desk. Continue encouraging your child and before you know it, your child will look forward to this creative activity daily.

What child doesn’t like stories being told? You can encourage your child to draw and tell a story. Already seated at their art desk, you can provide a box of crayons and coloring books. Even blank paper will allow an art project to be initiated from the beginning.

As your child grows older, you can encourage him to broaden his use of pencils and crayons. There are plenty of items around the home that can be used in a creative way. From fingers, to cotton balls, to cookie makers, the list is endless. All it takes is an imagination that has no limits.

Another means to tap into your child’s creativity is to purchase books that require lines to be drawn following designated numbers. Usually a picture is created just waiting to be colored.

An art desk for your child is available in most places that sell furniture. Placing this work space where most of the family entertains will enable you to oversee your budding artist. The younger the child is the more supervision that will be needed.Your child should have a clean and safe area to practice their artistic skills.

When your child is young, you can start with the basics. An age appropriate art table with paper and crayons that are “safe to eat.” Of course, you will want your child to be past the age of putting everything in their mouths. It will take a lot of time supervising, but well worth it as creativity is explored.