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Art Easel For Kids

The fact that the table top art easel is compact and therefore more portable than larger, heavier models makes it the perfect entertainment item to take with you on trips or to visit a playmate. Many of these easels include a magnetic surface for playing with letters and numbers which makes it a great learning tool as well as portable entertainment. You will find a variety of options such as chalkboards or whiteboards for dry erase markers as well as the traditional paper roll or clip-on paper pads for painting, drawing or just doodling.

Table top easels are great starter models for kids that are not old enough for a standard floor standing model and they offer the additional benefit of being a less expensive way to introduce your child to the exciting world of art and personal expression. Most children will have a ball creating works of art and you may have to find a way to make room on the refrigerator for a constant supply of freshly painted or sketched masterpieces.

To find out if your child would prefer a table top easel, you might want to let them be involved in the selection. It’s amazing how much pleasure they get in being able to participate in choosing the art easel and art supplies for themselves. They may well have likes and dislikes that you would not discover in any other way. It would be much better for all concerned to find what your child prefers before making a wrong choice that ends up with a toy that is not what they wanted and therefore does not get used.

In addition to the hours of fun you child can have with an art easel, there are some wonderful benefits of both a physical and mental nature. Table top easels are a perfect tool to develop upper body strength, hand/eye coordination and a whole range of fine motor control and handwriting skills. The seemingly simple process of choosing which art supplies to use for a project, how to express an idea or which colors to use in making a painting are all exercises in decision making and expression that they will use for the rest of their lives. An art easel for kids is far more than just a toy and entertainment device. It is the perfect tool for building and exercising a wide range of skills and discovering talents and abilities. All that while having fun too…what could be better?